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High quality standards

The College is dedicated to spreading Canada’s high quality, unique hands-on educational system worldwide.

Globally recognized, reputable Diplomas

Canada College offers the best and quickest opportunity (6-12 months) to earn globally recognized, reputable.

Rewarding Certificates

Rewarding Certificates.It will take anywhere from 30-90 minutes to complete the registration at the school’s office.

Private Career Colleges Act

Canada College of Business and Technology Inc. is Registered as a Private Career College under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.




Founded in 2002, Canada College aspires to create high-quality comprehensive learning, training and career development opportunities for local and international students. All curriculum are designed to respond to not only the emerging social and economic demands of the quickly changing and complex global job market, but also the challenges of learning for the multicultural student. The College also defines education more broadly to offer workshops, advisory services and research studies to support organizational transformation and personal change management, for dealing with pluralism and other challenges of the new economy and the impact of globalization.


  • Applied, Hands-On, Student-Centered Education
  • Quality and Excellence
  • Emphasis on Entrepreneurship, both Commercial and Social
  • Innovation and Risk-Taking
  • Balance of Multicultural and Cross-Cultural values
  • Global, National and Local Perspectives.

Educational Philosophy

The College promotes the Canadian educational values of quality education based on student centered, hands-on and relevant learning opportunities directed at including up-to-date and timely globally recognized, reputable and reward educational opportunities.

Workshops, courses, certifications and diplomas are offered in a broad range of curricula areas including Business and Technology, Information Technology, Language, Counselling such as Pastoral Care, Cultural Pluralism and other topics as needs of our student population shift with changing dynamics of human resource development and life-long learning.

We will provide courses,diplomas and certificates and workshops to advance recent high school diploma and certificate holders who want to enhance thier qualifications and to university graduates and adult learners who crave new careers.

We will also provide workshops,counsel and studies for organizations both within Canada and abroad that address the challenge and opportunities of multiculturalism and change management.

We are dedicated to the percepts of creating networks of learning communities, engaged in individual and social betterment.